Financial information

We are always trying to improve our services. Which is why we give access to a wide range of  information in a clear way to tenants, our Management Committee and our Regulators.


Castlehill Housing Association is a registered social landlord and has charitable status as granted by the Inland Revenue. Our main source of funding comes from the rent and service charges from our rental properties.  This income pays for the running of the Association and management and maintenance of the properties.

For our new development programme sources of funding are available from the Scottish Government grants and local authorities as part of their Affordable Housing Supply Programme. Grants do not cover the entirety of the cost of construction so Castlehill will take out loans from banks and other lenders to pay for the cost of construction of new properties.

Various services offered by the Association are funded, at least in part, by local authorities (Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray) – Key Project and Care and Repair are local authority funded.


Treasury Management

Treasury Management refers to the set of policies, strategies and transactions that a social landlord adopts and implements to manage its investment, cash flows, banking, money market transactions, capital markets transactions and the risk associated with those activities.

In 2015, the Scottish Housing Regulator placed a requirement on housing associations and co-operatives to comply with the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy Treasury Management in the public services Code of Practice.


Your Guide To Your Tenancy

We’ve created a handbook with the help of tenants, for tenants. It has been designed as a guide to refer to at the start, during and at the end of your tenancy.

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Our Property Locations

We have over 1900 properties across North East Scotland, including general needs, amenity, sheltered, very sheltered, mid-market rent and shared ownership.

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