Changes to your tenancy

The Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 introduced an updated Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement (SSTA), this new updated tenancy agreement will be used by Castlehill from the 1st of May 2019 onwards.

Existing tenants were written to at the end of November 2018, the letter detailed the changes and when they would take effect.

The new SSTA introduces the facility to convert the Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement to a Short Secure Tenancy Agreement where the Association has evidence of ongoing anti-social behaviour and all other avenues to resolve the anti-social behaviour have failed.   It also introduces a minimum occupation period of 12 months for household members, who wish to apply with the tenant for a joint tenancy or other changes to the tenancy.

If you have any questions regarding this please contact your Housing Officer on 01224 625822 or email info@castlehillha.co.uk