Going ‘beyond bricks and mortar’

Castlehill is delighted to be able to share the details about Housing at Scotland’s Heart campaign from the SFHA.

We are proud that we are early adopters of the SFHA premise that Housing Associations’ work goes beyond mere Bricks and Mortar. We would draw your attention to the Advice available on our website (check out the blue Advice box) and from our highly trained staff.

David Lappin, Castlehill’s CEO says of the campaign,

“A safe, secure, and affordable home is something everyone should have, but it’s not the whole story. As well as providing the house, Castlehill wants to make sure our tenants have the support and assistance they need to have a successful tenancy and home life”.

Don’t take our word for it, the SFHA has spoken to several tenants about the work of Housing Associations, please check out what they had to say here.

If you worry about how the cost of living crisis is affecting your tenancy, we encourage you to speak to your Housing Officer or contact the Care & Repair or Key Project teams. They are trained to help tenants access solutions for any problems they are facing. This crisis impacts everyone and we want our tenants to know that we are here to help.