New legislation and how it affects Castlehill tenants.

You may have noticed that the Scottish Government has announced plans for new standards for fire and smoke alarms.

Castlehill and other registered social landlords have until February 2021 to comply with these new regulations which will involve us accessing your property and installing additional alarms. The work by a Castlehill appointed contractor will begin during the forthcoming financial year and will run for a period of 2 years. The Association will be in touch a minimum of two weeks before the work is due to commence to arrange access.

These new standards require that there is one smoke alarm installed in the room most frequently used for daytime living, one alarm is required in every circulation space on each storey such as hallway and landings and a heat alarm must be installed in every kitchen. All the alarms should be ceiling mounted and interlinked, and there is also a requirement for carbon monoxide detectors to be fitted where there are:  boilers, fires (including open fires, heaters, and stoves) or a flue.  All homes must be covered by the new standard, and it the landlord’s responsibility to meet the new standard which will be monitored by the Scottish Housing Regulator and must be completed by February 2021.

The Scottish Government set up a Ministerial Working Group on Building and Fire Safety to review Scotland’s building and fire safety regulatory framework following the tragic Grenfell Tower fire. Further information on the requirements of the new standard is available here: https://www.gov.scot/publications/fire-and-smoke-alarms-tolerable-standard-guidance/