Gas Servicing

If your home has gas central heating, we have a legal obligation to service your boiler and carry out a gas safety check every year.  This means that you must co-operate with our gas service contractor to provide access when requested.

Our Gas Service contractor is Heatcare. If you have any issues with your gas central heating you should contact Heatcare directly on freephone 01343 842 042.

In order to allow sufficient time to deal with any access difficulties, service visits are programmed on a 10-month cycle, and this means that the time of year your boiler is serviced is likely to move forward by one or two months each year.

On occasions, some tenants fail to respond to our Gas Service contractor’s requests for access, resulting in us having to implement “no access procedures”.

Our contractor will normally only be able to carry out service visits during normal working hours, which we understand can make providing access difficult for some tenants. An alternative is to allow our contractor to take access, but only with your prior permission. To arrange this you can call the Property Services department on telephone number 01224 628104 and with your prior agreement we can provide our contractor with a spare key to enable the boiler to be serviced and the Gas Safety Check to be completed.

In order for gas servicing and safety checks to be completed both gas and electricity supplies are required, so for tenants with prepayment meters, it is especially important to note this. The lack of a gas or electricity supply during a service visit will result in the gas supply being capped until such time as the gas and or electricity supplies are restored and a further service visit can be arranged.

If you smell gas:

Put out all cigarettes

Not use any naked flames, matches or use any electrical light switch or socket

Open doors and windows to get rid of the gas

Turn off the gas supply at the meter

Report the leak to Scottish Gas Networks on Freephone 0800 111 999

(Sheltered / Very Sheltered) Report to your Scheme Manager as soon as possible

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