Make savings with Housing Perks!

We are delighted that hundreds of our tenants have already signed up to make the most of the Housing Perks app. These tenants are enjoying a wide range of discounts across a huge variety of goods and services.

It really is quite simple to get the most from the app. You just need to download it from the either the google or apple app store and select organisation ID “CastlehillHA” from the dropdown box. Then you enter your tenancy reference number as your password.

With Housing Perks you purchase a discounted electronic gift card for the store in an amount and use it to pay for your goods – the discount depends upon the outlet and is automatic on the purchase of your gift card – for example if you spend £1 and the discount is 4% you may pay 96 pence for the gift card.  The ecard is incredibly simple to use and comes through on your phone immediately after purchase. Further information is available at the Housing perks FAQs.

Savings can quickly mount up over the year which will go some way towards helping staff navigate the current prohibitive cost of living. Give it a go and enjoy making savings.