Unpaid Carer Support Services Review

Aberdeen Health and Social Care Partnership (ACHSCP) is reviewing the provision of the support services available to unpaid Carers in Aberdeen City.

To do this effectively, ACHSCP needs to understand the views of unpaid Carers, whether they use those services or not.

If you are in an unpaid caring role for someone who lives in Aberdeen, and would like to share your views, anonymously and in confidence, please contact: mcarter@aberdeencity.gov.uk or on 01224 067039

We will be happy to listen to you views over a phone call, on Teams or Zoom, or face-to-face, all at a time and place of your choosing.

There is also an online questionnaire where unpaid Carers can share their views on those support services: https://consultation.aberdeencity.gov.uk/aberdeen-city-health-and-social-care-partnership/carer-support-service-review

In addition, the ACHSCP is running ‘Collaborative Commissioning Events’ where unpaid Carers can share their views on the services available in Aberdeen City.

The Collaborative Commissioning events are organised for the following:

  • 1st of July 10am – 12.30pm
  • 8th August 10am – 12.00
  • 20th August 2.00 – 4.00pm

If you are interested to attend any of those, please contact: achscpengagement@aberdeencity.gov.uk or gracemilne@aberdeencity.gov.uk