What are Service Charges?

Details of our service charges from 1st April 2024 will be sent to tenants towards the end of February in the annual rent letter.

Service charges are part of the overall charge for a Castlehill property and are in addition to your rent.  Whilst rent covers the cost of providing, managing, and maintaining your home, service charges pay for the cost of services outside of your home, communal areas, and services such as stair cleaning or gardening.

We base these charges on the previous year’s costs.  The Association reviews how much each service costs for the previous year, so the charges that will apply from 1st April 2024 are based on what it costs to provide the service from 1st October 2022 until 30 September 2023.  Reviewing the costs this way ensures that actual costs are used and not estimates.  We have done this since 2021 following feedback from tenants and CARTO, Castlehill’s independent registered tenants’ group.

It is important to us that our costs and services consider feedback from our tenants about the standards of service you are receiving both positive and negative. We would appreciate it if tenants would fill in feedback forms when they are issued. You can also provide feedback by emailing info@castlehillha.co.uk or calling your Housing Officer on 01224 625822, option 4.